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John Langell, MD, PhD

Co-Founder and Board Member

Dr. John Langell is a leader in healthcare innovation, operations and strategy. He currently serves as the President of Northeast Ohio Medical University.

As Vice Dean Innovation and Executive Director of the Center for Medical Innovation at the University of Utah Health (2010-2019), he brought together stakeholders from different academic disciplines, as well as commercial and financial industries, to foster innovative partnerships and entrepreneurship for medical devices and software applications. During his tenure the CMI he helped develop 187 novel technologies, 52 start-ups, numerous licensing agreements and over 100 intellectual property filings.

It was at the CMI where he began to work on the concept of updating the 1960s based technology currently used in laparoscopic surgery, which lead to the development of the Xenoscope and formation of Xenocor.

John has experience as a surgical section chief, clinical program manager, chief of surgery and senior healthcare operations leader at a major academic healthcare institution, a V/A affiliate program and large United States Air Force healthcare facilities.

Over his career his research interests had been focused on the translation and commercialization of medical technologies and digital medical therapeutics.
He completed his surgical training at a Stanford Medical Center and advanced training in Space and Aerospace Medicine with NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas. In addition, he holds a PhD, MPH, MBA and is a Fellow at the American College of Surgeons.