SALT LAKE CITY, September 28, 2016 –Xenocor, Inc., an emerging leader in developing a
new, revolutionary medical imaging platform that provides the most cost-effective high
definition laparoscopy solutions, announced today that its first product, the Xenoscope,
was 510(k) cleared by the U.S. FDA for marketing and distribution. The Xenoscope is the
first single-use disposable laparoscope that is will be offered in a sterile condition.
“We are very pleased to receive this fast-track clearance of our product,” said Ashok C.
Khandkar, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Xenocor. “This clearance allows us to bring
products to world-wide markets with superior imaging characteristics while reducing
the cost of care.”
“Xenocor’s patent-pending technology not only enables me to have superior diagnostic
imaging, but and address the risk of hospital acquired infections that are of particular
concern for patients, doctors and hospitals,” commented John Langell, MD, a cofounder
who also serves as the Vice Dean for Innovation, University of Utah School of
Medicine, Executive Director, Center for Medical Innovation, University of Utah and Co-
Director of its Global Health Institute. “I am especially pleased to note the lower cost of
care which can be of lasting value and make important difference in the lives of patients
and healthcare globally.”
About Xenocor, Inc.
Xenocor, Inc. is a private medical device company focused on developing and
commercializing the innovative laparoscopy devices. Xenocor’s products provide
clinically relevant high definition imaging to physicians performing minimally invasive
laparoscopic procedures. Xenocor has assembled a strong management team and Board
of Directors with significant clinical and commercial development experience and
collaborates with clinical advisors globally. Xenocor, Inc. is located in Salt Lake City,
Utah. For more information, please visit the Company’s website at
Contact: [email protected]